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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Value Proposition?

A VALUE PROPOSITION is a set of skills, qualities or attributes that customers seek and are willing to pay for that enable them to achieve their needs and goals. It is the VALUE that a customer perceives it will receive when it does business with you. Value should be quantifiable.

What is a Go-To-Market Strategy?

A Go-To-Market Strategy is a well-developed plan to utilize the particular skills, products, and capabilities of a client to address and to fulfill the market needs of its customers. It often involves operational and management decisions, design and product feature evaluation, communication and advertising, financial analysis, forecasting and profitability goals, supply chain management, and distribution needs.

We already have a Mission Statement. Why do we need a Value Proposition?

A Mission Statement is a broad-based description that generally tells a company’s stakeholders what it intends to accomplish and how it relates to them.

A Value Proposition is solely customer-centric and defines clearly the reasons and benefits involved in the customer making a purchase decision. A Value Proposition enables all the members of an organization to focus on meeting the needs of its customers and providing real value in the marketplace.

All too often there are confusing and sometimes conflicting messages that impede progress. Establishing the focus on creating value for the customer almost always results in more revenue and repeat business. A good Value Proposition can lead to better teamwork, communication, and greater employee satisfaction thru focusing on a common objective- customer satisfaction and creating greater value than the competition.

Why, in difficult economic times, does it make sense to expend resources on people who are leaving by providing a career transition program?

Most companies state their most important asset is their people and the second is their reputation. The usual reason for laying people off is to reduce expenses and future liabilities.

The SI career transition program can turn terminated employees from a potential liability to an asset without significant expense. Most companies have invested significantly in their employees and those employees have built relationships with customers, suppliers, regulators, industry groups, and professional organizations, with many possessing valuable company knowledge and business history. Their success through an SI career transition program will be reflected in fewer problems with remaining employees, goodwill and maintaining a reputation as a quality company that doesn’t leave its people high and dry.

That can make rehiring or recruiting much easier.

Does SI write resumes and find jobs for clients?

We enable our clients through the Value Proposition Workshop to identify and market their value.

We help them create a strong, effective resume and build the self-confidence and skills to enter the increasingly competitive job market.

SI assists clients in finding opportunities that lead to jobs but we have elected to remain independent and have no contracts with any online or recruiting companies, so there can be no conflicts of interest.

Studies have shown that the majority of good jobs come thru networking and using resources that job seekers already have. We empower them to best utilize those resources while showing them additional options.

What does it cost a company for a career transition program?

Most outplacement firms charge $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the level of service and the length of program. They often provide an office, secretarial help, assistance with resumes, and limited coaching. The SI Value Proposition Workshop is often more effective and costs much less, usually $1,500-$4,500 (1-3% of prior year compensation) depending on program and level of personal service per employee.