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Technology Services

Technology Services focuses on the technology aspects when starting and running your own company.

Services include from setting up suitable office with personal computers, printers, communications (e.g. telephony, fax, e-mail, VoIP, Skype, ...), to creating and maintaining your own web site with domain name, hosting, development and maintenance, to internet-based marketing and sales.

No web presence: You’re missing opportunities!
'Coming soon': Even worse – annoying to customers/visitors!!
Poorly designed site: (Slow response; confusing layout, navigation, hard to find information.)
Visitors turn away and go elsewhere

We develop and maintain web sites from basic static sites to advanced database-driven sites (like ours), with navigation that make sense.

Also, in these days of increasing threats out there on the Internet (with malware, virus, spam, botnets, fishing, denial of service, ...), we have a strong focus on creating, using, and adapting the most secure processes (producures, best practices, ...), products and technologies, and people-related Security Education, Training, and Awareness Programs (SETA). Member of multiple industry-leading organizations.

Strategic Intelligence Technology Services
is headed by Johan Sarkinen,
a member of multiple industry-leading
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