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Career Coaching Redefined!


Strategic Intelligence Associates provide the career management and personal marketing tools you need to understand your value, build your ‘personal brand equity’, value proposition, and go to market strategies.  We partner with you in making YOU a success by providing personal career development activities that have been proven to empower our participants for life!

Our goal is to prepare you for long-term career management in addition to helping you develop the confidence and tools to find your next satisfying position.  We want you to develop the mindset and skills necessary to market yourself in a competitive business environment where you must be confident enough to be your own career consultant, outplacement agent, and marketing executive --- for life.

Following the process and activities in “The Value Proposition Workshop” will result in you knowing yourself (your values, interests, skills, and quantifiable value), and the tools necessary to make an impact that transcends organizational structures and market trends.

You must know….

Today’s marketplace demands that you adapt to change and are receptive to ambiguous career paths --- your path is defined more by YOU rather than a long-term relationship with an employer.

By following the plan and process, and participating in all of the career development and interactive workshop opportunities you will…

  • Have a better understanding of what is important to you for career satisfaction
  • Clearly define the value you can add in the marketplace
  • Present a resume that quantifies your capabilities and positions you competitively
  • Interview with confidence
  • Manage your job search
  • Have options in the market place
  • Land your next position
  • Obtain the compensation your deserve
  • Develop a partnership with your next employer whose business, values, and culture are in alignment with your own